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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

"Bitch all you like"

Oh deary deary, some snowflakes just don't get it, you wont ever beat us and being a facebook snitch just makes us a winner and you a loser.

When ever Facebook removes a post we just share it to all our other platforms so a wider audience gets to see that content.

Always a nice day to be a Blogger 

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

For some reason some snow flake doesn't like our video so here it is again.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Man stabbed twice in one day in two different locations #stabtown

Police called to a stabbing incident at Oaks Caravan Park in Kirton Road, Bucklesham, just before 5am today, (Saturday, August 11)
The 30yr old victim was taken to hospital for treatment to stab wounds in his arm but left shortly afterwards.
Officers were then called at 12.25pm today to a second stabbing in Glebe Close in Ipswich.
The same 30-year-old man had suffered stab wounds to his arse and back.

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Johnathon Paul Halls of chantry Estate Ipswich

#sexoffender #keepchildrensafe

2 counts of voyuerism.... 
1st account:Taking photos in women's toilets at work. 
2nd account: was upskirts while girls are working
2 counts of images of children
1 a computer generated image
1 real child image
And 1 count of extreme pornography.
Sentence was 10 months suspended.
10 years on sex register.

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Liam Pratt Sex offender/expectant father  

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An Ipswich man who had sex with a “vulnerable” 15-year-old girl after meeting her at a party has been jailed for three years. Liam Pratt, 23, gave the girl cannabis and on one occasion had a “threesome” with her and another man, Ipswich Crown Court heard. Pratt, of Spenser Road, admitted two offences of sexual activity with a child. Jailing him for three years, Judge John Devaux said Pratt had consensual sex with the girl. “If you didn’t know her age on day one you knew it shortly afterwards,” the judge said. He said the girl has several health issues and he had no doubt her experiences with Pratt contributed to her difficulties. Judge Devaux accepted Pratt had not targeted the girl or used cannabis to facilitate the offences. In addition to jailing Pratt, Judge Devaux made him the subject of a sexual offences prevention order for seven years and ordered him to sign the sex offenders’ register for life. Marcus Croskell, for Pratt, said his client had been working at Felixstowe docks but lost his job after pleading guilty to the offences. He said Pratt did not know the girl was only 15 when he had sex with her. He accepted Pratt should have walked away from the relationship once he realised her age. He claimed the girl was a willing “threesome” participant and helped select the other man who took part on Facebook.